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About the Horses

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Redemptus "Tiki"

My family rescued Tiki in June of 2005. Since then, he has become an overgrown puppy dog. Tiki could be trusted with the youngest and most inexperienced of handlers. He’s also recently taken to the new career of lesson horse, taking my sister for her first trot.


Tiki being "Porcupined" on the 22'

Tiki is around 15 years old as of 2011, per the vet. As he was a rescue and paperless, we will never know for certain. Our best estimate on his breeding is Quarter Horse x American Saddlebred. He is about 14.2hands and, bless him, maybe 700 pounds. We are currently working with both our vet and nutritionist to maintain a healthier weight. Tiki is easy going but his diet has been complicated. He has what is called Insulin Resistance. This is similar to Type II diabetes in people.
My younger sister, Leah, primarily plays with Tiki when she visits me. Otherwise, he is my pasture potato.

Shagya's Sarabande AF "Sara"

Sara is essentially my dream horse. Born in 2005, Sara is a Shagya Arabian. She is the last daughter of *Shandor, who was imported from Denmark and was owned by Adele Furby. Her dam, *Shagya II-2, was imported from Babolna in Hungary and was owned by the same. After several years in contact with Adele, I came to visit and meet Sara in July of 2009. In September, she was inspected and approved. A day later, she was loaded and shipped to Kentucky from Montana.

Sara playing the Circling Game


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