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My mare is so cool.

Her saddle will, Lord willing, be here in late September. I’ve been getting on her bareback, which is not an easy task at 16 hands. The barn manager was kind enough to let me borrow one of her western saddles to use for the next 30 or so days. She walked me through how to cinch everything up, the importance of the buck strap, etc. She was very patient with me and my dressage ways.

I set the saddle up on a barrel and started playing with Sara on the 12′. Forgot my 22′. Oops!
We got some sideways at the trot, which was a first. We played with the pedestal and got some big, banging paws at it. We ended up with one foot resting on it. Another first.
We’re played friendly with the saddle pad when her left-brain extrovert came out. She decided this was much too slow and boring. She made up her own game with the pad. How long can I chew on the pad before the human stops me?
We walked around and played touch-it with the pad on. Checked out the pedestal again.
I was much more nervous about the saddle than she was. I picked it up, realized I was getting tense, and set it back down so I could lick and chew!
A little bit later, I picked up the saddle. I admire you western folk! Although this was smaller than the other saddles in the tack room, it was still HEAVY. My hat is off to you who heave that up every day.
Anyway! Sara thoroughly rubbed and scratched her face on the saddle; she was clearly just terrified of the thing….
Swung the saddle up and down a few times. Sara is still relaxing. I cinched it up, tightening it over three tries.

Sara and I took a walk. She was aware of the saddle and sniffed it one but was otherwise unconcerned. We played some Circling game, which has just gotten so nice. Darn for forgetting the 22′, though; she is so fun to watch way out there on the end of it. We played with the pedestal some more, got a foot up.
I ended the session by walking and setting her up at the mounting block. I got up and leaned over for a little while then called it a day.


Comments on: "Dressage rider in a western saddle?" (1)

  1. Great play session…
    Good for you – and your horse!

    Petra Christensen
    Parelli 1Star Junior Instructor
    Parelli Central

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