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I’ve enjoyed hearing Pat say, “If you quit
learning, you quit living.” But I thought, and
wanted, learning to have an endpoint. I didn’t
see ‘endpoint’ and ‘quit’ as essentially the
same thing. I want to be able to say “NOW
I can do this, NOW I know that,” and then
have a rest. Instead of looking at learning as a purely
joyful experience (as Pat and Linda naturally
do) I want to ‘learn it all’ and then ‘get on
with my life.’ Sounds pretty silly now that I’ve
said it out loud, but nonetheless, this was a
TRUTH for me.


Comments on: "More Thoughts from Yvonne Wilcox" (1)

  1. I think that learning is a constant thing, but that doesn’t mean that learning doesn’t happen in phases! YES – there are times when you feel that you’ve mastered something, and you can tick it off your list, but at the same time you’ll inevitably be learning something else… that’s what makes life exciting, right!?

    Kerrin Koetsier
    Parelli Central

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