The who, what, when, where and why of an equestrian

Lots of learning

Sara and myself sharing a quiet moment.

Making our way to the indoor, we stopped and played in the wash rack. We yo-yo’ed in and out, sometimes with one set of feet on and one off. This was her first wash rack experience.
In the arena, we did our stretches with the horse cookies I baked. She loved them! Just gooey enough with molasses, which she loves. She was pretty tight in her right S-I so we massaged that a bit. We’re practicing stretching her hind legs underneath her belly; this is new and she’s still learning to relax into it.
I tied Sara for a few minutes while I helped my sister, Leah, stretch Tiki. Sara is very good about tying and licked some of the self-assessment papers that were tacked to the arena wall.
We played for an hour and a half. So much fun! We practiced with the saddle pad, which she’s getting to be very left brained about. If I don’t make it interesting, she tries to eat it! Carrying it around doesn’t phase her.
Our sideways is looking better; we’re getting more speed and distance. It’s looking like actual sidepassing.
Circling game has improved leaps and bounds. We can get 4 – 6 laps at the walk or trot. She definitely needs the 22′ line for more drift. This is her chance to constructively move her feet!
We also practiced bridling, which she didn’t seem to care about. She simply put her head in it like we would our halter. Played all the games with it on, too. Very smart girl!
I turned Sara our in the indoor at liberty so I could help Leah ride Tiki. It was fun to see her watch me, then explore, then come see me of her own volition. We even practiced leaning on the mounting block at liberty. I think my favorite moment was when she left to explore and I waited on the stool. She came back in 60 seconds and set her self up to be scratched and rubbed. I was laughing, I was so thrilled.


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