The who, what, when, where and why of an equestrian

Happy feet!

Sara and I had fun this morning. We started out with a little touch it and friendly game with the carrot stick. It was neat to see her start touching objects with her feet instead of just her mouth and teeth. I was so proud of her!

While nosing and pawing the grid of poles, Sara decided to take herself through it. It was such a great left-brain moment. She stopped mid-pole when I asked and waited happily until I said ok, try something new. She walked straight through no problem.

We sniffed the trailer. She was a little hesitant about the carrot stick driving zone 2 by it today, which I need to remember.
The trailer turned into the circling game, which I’ve been meaning to work on. It’s a challenge not to be direct line about “conquering” it but I feel like I did a good job today of balance expectation and acceptance. We got four and five laps at the walk, three at the trot. One time, she walked into the savvy string and I think that’s when it clicked for her that it’s her responsibility to stay out on the circle until I change something.

It was really neat to see her grow more curious and brave with the big blue barrels. There are three laying side-by-side on the ground. She nosed and starting pawing them and shoving them around. Periodically, she’s shift an eye to look at me as if to say, “This what you want?” I’d smile and put my hand on my carrot stick as a, “Yes, proceed!” That was a big theme today. She created maybe a six inch gap for herself between two barrels and, after putting one foot first, she walked through it, bumping barrels and all, cool as a cucumber.

We finished up the hour by going through the grid one more time and playing with the ball. I’m so proud of Sara because she used to be visibly afraid of the ball. I asked her to trust me a little more and kick the ball today instead of just eating it. And she did! Such a smart girl. She pawed it and at one point just stood there with her knee propped up on the ball. I was laughing. She kicked and nosed it around and I knew this was a good place to mosey back to the stall.


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