The who, what, when, where and why of an equestrian

July Savvy Club DVD

Here are some notes I took while watching the Savvy Club DVD from July 2010. It’s a really neat watch and will have you clapping.

  • The student must supply the dedication and perspiration.
  • The horse’s confidence in the human gives confidence in new places and situations.
  • Confidence is the friendly game.
  • Horses don’t want human praise but safety / play / comfort.
  • We want a combination of exuberance and obedience in our horses.
  • Expect a lot. Accept a little. Reward often.
  • “If you want a robot, buy a motorcycle.”
  • When you’re at the horse’s face, let him touch you first. If you want to touch him first, approach his withers.
  • Horses only sleep 3 hours a day.
  • Left-brain horses are thinkers. They must move their mind before they move their feet.

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