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Week 5

July 12, 2010 marks Sara’s entrance into her fifth week of PNH. Although we’ve been using the principles since late May, non-horsey obligations haven’t allowed me to play every day or even every week.

We’re preparing for a clinic at our home stable with 2* Parelli Professional Carol Herring this coming weekend. We’ll be studying Online and Freestyle. I’m very excited!

Onto the good stuff – Sara updates!

Week 5 – Day 1
We started out by moseying and grazing near the pasture. I brought out my groom box and elbow grease. As per usual, Sara loved being doted on and was happy to wander and let me curry her.
I don’t comb through her mane or tail often. I like the leave the hair intact. Her mane was looking especially wild so I took out my mane comb and worked my way through it. I forgot how thick it is! I checked her tail for ticks but otherwise let it be.
We must have continued like this for 45 minutes. For a grey horse, she doesn’t get terribly dirty. (Knock on wood!) I switched from our usual 12′ to our 22′ line for the first time with her. We made our way up a hill and grazed in some clover. I started to play some driving games when we ventured too near the stallion. She could have cared less but he was getting upset.
I turned those games into more “hey I’m here, too” things to start transitioning to actually playing. Still on the slight hill with the 22′, I asked for a circling game. When she realized she had a lot more drift, she got very extroverted, which was exciting. At one point, on our send, she showed a lot of exuberance and crouched down before taking off. Very cool!
I was so so thrilled with this show of exuberance. It was the first time I can remember her being joyful and not fearful while being that athletic. So we playing Sideways back to the pasture and called it a day.


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  1. That is awesome!
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