The who, what, when, where and why of an equestrian

Sara has officially learned all seven games. For readers who aren’t familiar with Parelli’s seven games, they are:

  1. The Friendly Game
  2. The Porcupine Game
  3. The Driving Game
  4. The Yo-yo Game
  5. The Circling Game
  6. The Sideways Game
  7. The Squeeze Game

    Sara showing her pasture mates who is boss on her first day in Kentucky

Admittedly, since I bought Sara in September 2009, I have not spent a lot of time on the games. We established yielding to pressure and respecting my space but that was about it. She lunged, learned to take tack, and was backed once before she contracted strangles in late March. Now cleared, we have been pursuing a distinctly Parelli lifestyle for about a week now.

Sara is still opinionated and “bracy” but the change in the way we interact has been remarkable. We went from being skeptical of the carrot stick to being friendly in all zones or areas of her body. When I first bought Sara, attempts at the Porcupine Game were rewarded with a kick. After a week, I sometimes have to get to Phase 4 of pressure to get a response but no dangerous reactions abound. And Sara’s driving game is rather good. I would say she is already at a level 2 stage in her driving game. I thought it would be her worst game. The first tries were messy but I now move most zones with phase 1.

Today, we had our first successful Sideways Game. We’ve attempted it twice before with lackluster results. After reviewing some Parelli material, I realized my “shape” was off. I wasn’t holding my arms straight, thus confusing her. I made that correction this afternoon and viola! Brilliant sidepass.


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